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NU:Gel Application & Conversion (FREE)

NU:Gel Application & Conversion (FREE)

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Converting to a new gel system can be both confusing and expensive. With our brand new NU:Gel Application & Conversion course, we're looking to remove both of those difficulties. 

Not only will this course show you how easy NU:gel is to work with and the correct way to apply and maintain the product, but it's also 100% absolutely FREE to everyone. 

We feel that buying nail products is an expense that you shouldn't have to pay twice for just to learn how to use the products you've bought - so this class will never cost a single nail tech a single penny!


This convenient, easy to follow, FREE course includes:

  • Introduction to NU:Gel
  • Curing times
  • Importance of prep
  • NU:build application (Including APEX & NO APEX application)
  • NU:colour application
  • NU:top application
  • Infills
  • Removal
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